Student Housing Options


Moving out of your childhood home comes at a price tag. Whether you are in a dorm, apartment, or house, there are a few things you might need to learn before you start paying rent!


1. Find Somewhere to Live 

This sounds pretty obvious but there are a lot of housing options. On campus housing is convenient but you normally have to share your bedroom and don’t have a lot of extra amenities. Off campus housing allows you to have your own space but you are going to commute and have a few additional living expenses. Off campus you can live in a single apartment, shared apartment, house, or even in your fraternity or sorority. With a variety of options you need to choose what is best for you!

2. Setting a Budget 

Now that you have decided what type of housing option is right for you, does it fit within your budget? Living alone in your own apartment sounds like a great idea but it comes at quite a price tag. Sharing an apartment or house can reduce your cost significantly - it can be half the cost it would be to live alone! Also evaluate what location or area you will be living in. An updated apartment in a popular location will cost more than a house in a local neighborhood nearby. These are all things to consider when choosing a housing option!

  1. Unexpected Costs

Although the rent might be the right price, you want to think about a few additional costs. Most off campus housing requires you to pay utilities. Electricity, water, cable, and internet will cost you well over $150 a month. This can be a bit overwhelming and unexpected especially if you are living alone. If your housing is unfurnished you will have to purchase furniture which can be very expensive. Also, most apartment complexes require a security deposit and/or application fees prior to move-in, so make sure you have some extra cash when you apply!

  1. Pick Your Roommates Wisely 

If you decided to have roommates, you are making a budget conscious decision. Although your high school bestie might seem like the best option you might want to think over a few things. Make sure to live with someone who has a similar schedule. If you like to go to bed early while they play video games all night you might start to get a little annoyed, especially if you are sharing the same room. Also, think about their lifestyle. If you are a cluttered person they may not like picking up your mess if they are more on the neat side. This could cause tension and make your living situation unenjoyable. Therefore, really think about what kind of person you want to live with to make the most out of your roommate experience!   

5. All-Inclusive Student Housing In Your Area 

If you are moving to Orlando, Collegiate Village Inn is a great option. We are an all-inclusive student housing solution for students attending UCF, Full Sail, and Valencia. Not only is all-inclusive housing more cost-effective, but it is more convenient and enjoyable. Collegiate Village Inn offers basic housekeeping, utilities, transportation to UCF and Full Sail, and food! Our meal plan is included in the monthly rent with three meals per day to help you save money and time.


Hopefully we helped you pick the right student housing option to fit your lifestyle and budget! Check out our CVI Hub Blog posts for more helpful information on college life and more!

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