How to Budget in College


Being a college student is expensive. You have additional expenses you never had to worry about before. Now you have to pay tuition, rent, food, and so much more. In order to stay on a balanced budget you may need some help along the way. Here are our favorite ways to save money:


  1. Splitting With Your Roommates 

Having roommates instead of living alone is a great way to save money! You can buy household items in bulk and split the cost rather than buying small high-priced packages every few weeks. Taking turns driving can help save you money on gas rather than using your car every time. Having a roommate also helps you save money on bills. Dividing the bills down the middle will ensure you are paying a fair amount rather than one person paying for different utilities.

2. Avoid Buying Textbooks

A common mistake freshmen make is buying brand new textbooks for every single class. Not only do certain courses not even require textbooks, renting or buying used are smarter economic options. If you have friends who have taken a course before ask if the textbook is even necessary. A majority of classes list it as required but you never even open it. If you do decide to buy a textbook – sell it! This will help you earn some money back on your purchase, but don’t expect to sell it anywhere near what you paid for it.

  1. Use Apps and Coupons 

There are a variety of apps to help you save money on popular purchases. Specifically an app called Party Tutor gives you discounts on restaurants, bars, and living expenses locally here in Orlando. By using these apps you can go out with friends and save money too!  

4. Don't Eat Out Everyday!

You will be surprised how often you won’t cook. College students often fall into poor diet choices due to their busy lives. However, eating out is so expensive and unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, you can still go out to eat with your friends occasionally, just don’t make it a daily habit. By saving money on groceries you can have more to spend (or save) for more important things!


Staying on a budget can be difficult but it is possible! Check out our CVI Hub blog posts for more helpful information on college life and more! 

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