College Success Tips


It can be hard to balance studying, work, and maintaining a social life. With it being overwhelming at times, using a few simple hacks can help you survive college life!


1. Time Management

The key to balancing your hectic schedule is being efficient with your time. Purchase a planner and write down any important assignments or due dates to stay on track. This way you know what weeks may be more chaotic than others. Now you can manage your time effectively to know when to study and when to have fun.

  1. Customize Your Schedule

Organizing your class schedule to match your priorities will help you succeed. If you are productive in the morning try scheduling earlier classes. However, if you are more of a night owl this might not be the best idea. Some students prefer to have multiple classes back-to-back while others like to spread their classes out throughout the week. Try to plan your schedule around your lifestyle to make you a better student.

  1. School First Work Second

For most college students, having a job while enrolled in classes is a must. College is expensive requiring students to work while still focusing on school. This can get very overwhelming but scheduling your work hours around your schedule will help. If you have a hard exam one week try taking off or switching shifts until after the exam is over. Also consider taking a few online courses to allow you to work more flexible hours to finish your classwork on your own time.

  1. Study Effectively

Everyone learns differently. In order to study efficiently you need to figure out what works for you. Some like to learn with visuals and presentations. Others like to write things down to help jog their memory. Studying in a group can give you an opportunity to teach others making it easier for you to understand. Also consider where and how long you study. It might be easy for you to study at home for hours while others enjoy studying in short sprints at a local coffee shop or the school library.

  1. Take the Right Classes

Registering for the semester is always stressful. You have to plan ahead and make sure you are taking the correct classes for your major and even in the right order. Don’t take classes you don’t need as a requirement to graduate; if you don’t need it you shouldn’t pay for it. Also, take classes you are avoiding over the summer. Although this might seem counterintuitive, summer semesters are normally much shorter allowing you to focus on that one difficult class and finish it in a shorter amount of time.


Learning how to study, manage your time, and balance your schedule are all helpful ways to succeed in college. Check out our CVI Hub blog posts for more helpful information on college life and more!

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