For college students, taking that card out to purchase a textbook is almost painful being that the average cost of a textbook is around $100 if not more. The majority of the time, students will use their textbook for the semester and may never open it again. Although most students take the summer off, there are a few who seek to purchase used books before the fall semester begins to get the best deals. Luckily, bookstores will take your books year round. Here’s is a list of places near the University of Central Florida and the surrounding Orlando area.

  1. Textbook Solutions: 12250 Strategy Boulevard #425, Orlando, FL 32817

Not only can you rent and buy new or used books, they are willing to purchase your used books back at a great price. Textbook Solutions is right across the street from the UCF campus.


  1. University of Central Florida Bookstore: 101 Aquarius Agora Dr, Orlando, FL 32816

The bookstore on campus is a great place to start when looking for a place to sell your old books. Not only is it the first place most students will go to find books but it is located right on campus, therefore getting there is as simple as hopping on the shuttle right outside your door.


  1. Barnes & Noble’s College Booksellers: 481 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

We love Barnes & Nobles for its endless amount of books and convenient access to a Starbucks but that’s not all they have to offer us. The bookstore chain is known for purchasing old books from students who just want to get them off their hands. With two locations right by Collegiate Village Inn there’s plenty of opportunities to get paid.


Can’t go in person? These websites just ask you to ship them in and they’ll do the rest!





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