It’s been proven that studying makes you hungry! Where do you turn when you need a break from homework and the student union is “Under Construction Forever?" The infamous UCF joke that the college will never stop being under construction seems fitting as the Student Union is currently experiencing one of its biggest renovations, to date. Set for completion in Spring 2020, the Student Union will be the foundation for UCF’s vision to bring the college into the 21st century. However, this massive renovation has left UCF students with limited (on-campus) food options.

Listed below are recommendations for the best places to grab a bite to recharge your brain:

Qdoba (Location: Student Union)


If you’re feeling a burrito, tacos, or nachos, Qdoba has you covered. Fresh ingredients and the mixture of different seasonings allows for an amazing meal. Regardless of what you get, each dish is sure to have a blast of flavor that will hit the spot.


Subway (Location: Knight’s Plaza)


You can never go wrong by getting a delicious sandwich when you’re hungry. Affordably priced ($5 Dollar Footlongs), Subway is always a good option when on the go. With the variety of sandwiches offered, you can have it your way.


Chili’s (Location: Student Union)


Hi, welcome to Chili’s! One of the newest additions to UCF, Chili’s was welcomed with open arms. Having everything from burgers to sandwiches to appetizers, you are bound to find something you enjoy. In addition, if you’re 21 or over, Chili’s offers a variety of beer and cocktails to unwind after a big exam.


Food Trucks (Location: Memory Mall)

food truck

Due to the lack of dining options on campus, UCF has brought in a task force…a task force of food trucks. Every day brings different options. Examples of foods that have been featured include: BBQ, burgers and salads. Each day offers new possibilities.


Bistro 106 (Location: Collegiate Village Inn)



Located just across Alafaya at Collegiate Village Inn, Bistro 106 is a perfect choice when it comes to grabbing a meal. There are a variety of selections prepared by a culinary chef at affordable prices. The menu changes daily but you can count on burgers, pizza and sandwiches if you are running late for class. The Bistro has you covered when it comes to having a well-rounded breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three!


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