One of the most common questions that incoming college freshmen have is something along the lines of “what is the average cost for UCF room and board?”

It’s an important question to address if you’re going to properly budget your college housing costs for the semester. Knowing the average costs of room and board for UCF housing also gives you a comparison point for other deals, which lets you know what’s a good deal and what might be a bad deal for the student housing market.

So, without further ado, let’s crunch some numbers and check out the average cost of room and board for UCF student housing!

Note: these numbers are based on costs at the time of this writing and may be subject to change.

Average On-Campus Housing Cost

First, let’s take a look at the cost of on-campus housing. The UCF Housing page provides a running list of the current rental rates for on-campus housing. At the time of writing this article, the UCF Housing page lists per-semester rental costs for shared and private bedrooms in the Apollo, Greek Park, Hercules/Nike, Lake Claire, Libra, Neptune and Towers communities.

Community Residence Type Fall 2017 Semester Rate
Apollo  Shared Bedroom Residence Hall  $2,470
Apollo  Private Bedroom Residence Hall  $2,810
Green Park  Shared Bedroom in House  $2,700
Green Park  Shared Bedroom in House  $2,800
Hercules/Nike  Shared Bedroom Residence Hall  $2,835
Hercules/Nike  Private Bedroom 2/1* Apartments  $3,330
Hercules/Nike  Private Bedroom 4/2* Apartments  $3,085
Lake Claire  Private Bedroom 4/2* Apartments  $3,045
Libra  Shared Bedroom Residence Hall  $2,700
Neptune  Private Bedroom  $3,000
Towers at Knights Plaza  Private Bedroom 4/4* Apartments  $3,640
Towers at Knights Plaza  Private Bedroom 4/2* Apartments  $3,440
Towers at Knights Plaza  Private Bedroom 1/1* Apartments  $3,845

*#/# listings indicate Bedroom to Bathroom Ratio

The low end of the per-semester housing costs are $2,470 and the high end costs are $3,845. Add all of the options together ($39,700) and divide by 13, and you get an average cost of $3,053.84 per semester for housing. There are six more on-campus communities listed on the UCF site, but these have costs of TBD (to be determined), so they were omitted from this list.

We also left out the cost of food as a factor. UCF housing costs don’t include meal plans, which are either $825 every six weeks (3 meal plans to cover a 15-week semester, which adds $2,475 to your living costs) or $3,830 for 8 months (basically, $1,915 a semester). Opting for the more affordable 8-month plan increases your average cost of UCF room and board from $3,053.84 per semester to $4,968.84 per semester.

Average Cost of Room and Board Off-Campus

Establishing a reliable average for the cost of room and board off the UCF campus is a bit of a challenge, as there are hundreds of potential living options in the Orlando area, and thousands more for students willing to face the commute from outside of Orlando.

A quick search of the UCF Off Campus Partners page shows listings ranging from $525/mo. per room to $1,160/mo. per room/unit. So, to cover room rental rates from September to December, your costs would be between $2,100 and $4,640, assuming rent costs don’t fluctuate month-to-month.

However, these rental prices may not always reflect all of your costs for room and board—some may cover electricity, water and trash pickup while others may not. Whenever you check out off-campus housing, you should always look to see what’s included in the cost of the rent.

For example, all of CVI’s floor plans include electricity, water, sewer, trash, cable TV, internet and free meals, 7 days a week.

If you go with off-campus housing, a realistic average for the per-semester cost of room and board might hover somewhere around $3,000-$4,000, depending on included amenities. Very minimal apartments might be cheaper than the average, while super-luxurious apartments might go well above the average cost.

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