1. Back in the 90s, before we all had a cellphone stuck to our hip, a message board was at least one preferred method of correspondence for college kids. Hang one of these bad boys on your room door or on your wall to leave messages for your roommates, remind yourself of upcoming events, or let your friends know where to meet you. Granted this is neither the most efficient way to get your message to somebody but the data plan won’t cost you a thing. This obviously has many practical applications, you can use it to create a calendar to keep track of special dates, cleaning chores to keep your room in order so you don’t have to rush when your family calls you to let you know last minute that they are coming to visit for the weekend. They haven’t done much to upgrade this communication tool in decades probobly because if it’s not broken there is no need to try and fix it.

2. An old photo album, looking back at old photos can remind you of a lot of really amazing memories, which you might need to get through a particularly hard day. We all have them so it is okay, Whether it was that photo of your birthday party when you fell into your birthday cake face first or that goofy group pic of you dressed up as one of Santa’s reindeers at your 1st grade winter concert: every picture is guaranteed to make you laugh, smile or cry (tears of joy).

3. A sewing kit will you might think you don’t need but trust everyone always needs one at some point while in college. You don’t want to be in a hurry running out your door and get your pants or jeans caught on your door frame or something and it’s your only pair like them.

4. A reclining chair or futon is always great to have to chill out and relax or when you have friends or family come visit from home, you can just fold it down and presto you now have a guest bed.

5. A Brita water filter bottle is essential, if you are lucky enough to be able to call CVI Orlando your home away from home there is actually a sink in your room. Brita water filters take away all the harsh chemicals of your sink water and it’s cheaper than buying a new pack of water every week or so. If you don’t have one already go buy one and taste the difference.



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