We all know what it's like when we don’t have any money to enjoy special events on the weekends. Well we have put together a list for you of the top five easiest jobs you can have while being a college student that allows you to stay on top of your school work and earn some cash.

1. Tutor

If there are certain subjects you really excelled in then why not make money helping others that are taking them for summer! You can post your name and email address on your schools Facebook page or even make some flyers to put up in the library or on bulletin boards around campus. You can also give some flyers to the professor that is teaching the subject, they will be more then glad to help you reach fellow students in need of your help.

2. Office Assistant

There is always so much to do and not enough time in the day. Apartment community offices are always looking for people to help assist with various things such as sorting and putting away mail, getting files ready, and walk dorm rooms to help make sure they are ready for fall semester move-ins.

3. Kitchen Helper

If you are lucky enough to live in a community that has an onsite Bistro like Collegiate Village Inn you could talk to the Chef to see about working there. During your down time when you don’t have class you could always help out by serving food to residents over the summer.

4. Pool Side Server

Pools are always the number one hangout during the summer. Everyone spends their free time either by the pool or in the pool while enjoying that nice tanning weather. If you live in the only student housing community in Orlando that has an onsite Bistro that is open 7 days a week till 1:00AM you could work as a pool side server. The resort style experience would not only be paid hourly but would also be a great opportunity to bring in some tips.

5. Brand Ambassador

If you are proud to live there and are eager to tell people about all the amazing things your home community has to offer then why not help promote your community? It is as easy as just telling people about the community and giving them some information. You can pick up an application packet along with some of the communities business cards from the front leasing office. By writing your name on the back of it, the office staff knows that you are the one that told the person about the community. Think of the business cards as money since each one is worth $50.00 to you for each person that moves and you can receive a $50.00 credit added on to your account. Just imagine if you reach enough people in one month, you could have a month of free rent!



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