When looking for internships people think of it as being the office gopher getting lunches, coffee, dry cleaning, picking up office supplies or even walking your boss' dog. Luckily you can avoid getting into those "bad" internships by researching what you want out of your experience before you even apply for one. The best way to start the research process is to know all the different types of internships that you would be a good fit for.


Below are just a few of the many different types of internships you should consider.


  1. Business Development Interns need to be well rounded they have to be go getters easy communicators not afraid to speak to complete strangers like they have known them for years. Business development interns will help build new partnership opportunities focusing on marketing and generating new leads also evaluating current partnerships for their weaknesses and strengths that aid in realizing their full potential.
  1. As an apprenticeship intern you can learn a highly skilled trade while making money doing it, offering both practical experience and in-school training. Apprenticeships are paid and the pay increases while the apprentice gains more experience. Some apprenticeships can vary from one year to five years. Trades that offer apprenticeships are plumbing, goldsmithing, graphic arts, clothing design, jeweler, culinary arts, technology, and horticulture.
  1. Software Engineering internship are always available world-wide to undergraduates and graduate PHD students, Interns have a fresh broad set of technical skills, enabling them to be able to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges.
  1. Field experience is a great opportunity commonly used by students pursuing a career in science or in sociology you can gain skills by observing, recording, mapping, and interpreting data. Research can be limited to one subject, like animal behavior or business protocol, sometimes it can encompass a number of different limited topics. 
  2. Summer internships are popular from high school to college, summer internships can vary from eight to twelve weeks long and be either full or part time. More students take part in doing internships during the summer time than any other time of the year. The summer time short–term experiences give students a real insight into what it’s actually like working in a particular job or career field. There is enough time to get into a regular work routine and gain valuable knowledge and skills. 


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