Every college student wants to go out and have new experiences while they’re in college and luckily Orlando has many things to do and see. One major thing that college students love to do is create memories with friends whether it be out on the town or on campus. Luckily for Orlando college residents, there are multiple areas that have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to how you want to spend your night.

UCF Area

The UCF area houses many bars that are a great place to let loose at after a long week of studying and exams. A few notable and most popular bars here are Knight’s Pub, Knight’s Library, and Stagger Inn, all great options to choose from. A major benefit at these bars to the broke college student is that you will always find great deals, regardless of the night you go. Be wary however, because peak nights at these bars will result in long lines to get in and being shoulder to shoulder with everyone once you get inside. The UCF area bars are ones you must visit before you graduate, because they truly give you that college experience.


Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando offers the most universal nightlife in one walkable area. With downtown’s high variety of bars and clubs, there is always a new place to try each time you go. The multitude of different bars downtown leaves many people surprised. There is Joysticks Arcade and Lounge, where you can play arcade games and listen to the 90’s best hits; Frosty’s Christmastime Lounge, where it snows inside the bar and Christmas music plays all year long; and even the rooftop bar Aero, where you can get great views of the City Beautiful while dancing the night away. These are just a few of the many bars and clubs that downtown has to offer.


International Drive

Head over to International Drive (also known as I-Drive) for a taste of fun. Often overlooked by Orlando residents, I-Drive offers many fun nightlife options. The I-Drive 360 complex has many great bars that you can spend your night at. Go dance and listen to live music at Tin Roof, or even test your agility and hop on a mechanical bull at Cowgirls Rockbar. If you’re trying to add a little ethnic flare to your night, try either Mango’s Tropical Café, which offers dancing and live shows every night and puts you in a tropical state of mind, or Cuba Libre, where you grab a partner and salsa until you shut it down. International Drive always promises good vibes and great times.


Disclaimer: Establishments serving alcoholic beverages as their primary service are generally intended for adults of legal drinking age (21 years old or older). Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive. There are plenty of transportation options for safe arrivals and departures to your points of destination.


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