You don’t need to study harder to improve your grades, you just need to study smarter. 

There are many cool study hacks you can adopt that will make your life easier. Using them, your days of pulling all-nighters before the exam will be a thing of the past! Here are some ways to study smarter, not harder:

Study in Short Sprints, Not Long Marathons

Pulling all-night study sessions is not as productive as you might think. After the first hour or so, your brain becomes so tired that it doesn’t retain information as easily. This is why it is better to study in short, frequent bursts rather than long, drawn-out sessions. Try to budget at least 30 minutes every night, or one hour every other night to studying.

Use Visuals

Many people are visual learners, which means they absorb information best when they can picture it clearly in their minds. If this sounds like you, try using diagrams or illustrations to visualize the information. This method can be especially helpful when studying mathematics or memorizing formulas.

Write it Down

Studies show that re-reading things over and over again is simply not an effective way to memorize them. Instead, you should write them down by hand. Whether you are trying to memorize dates, names or formulas, using a pen and paper to jot the information down several times goes a long way in committing these items to long-term memory. This also goes for note taking, too.

Study With a Group

Organizing a study group is always a great idea. Not only does it give you a chance to bounce ideas off one another and get new perspectives, it can actually make studying - dare I say it - a fun social activity!

Studying in groups also gives you an opportunity to teach others. When you attempt to explain/teach a subject to another person in clear, succinct terms, it helps you organize the information in your head. Remember, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Keep Your Body and Mind Well-Nourished

Keeping your body and mind in good shape gives you more energy and increases your ability to concentrate on your studies. Get a good amount of sleep and eat good brain food like fish, nuts, berries and yogurt. Also, take frequent study breaks and get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. You’d be surprised how many good ideas you have while away from your books.

Smarter Study Habits

The key to smarter studying is to learn how your brain works and give it plenty of rest. Rather than pulling all-night study sessions alone in your room, organize group study sessions once or twice a week to make it less stressful. Also, take many handwritten notes, eat well and take breaks to improve how well you actually retain the information you are studying.


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