Living on a budget is the norm in the daily life of college students. For most students, having to spend $50 a week on groceries doesn’t seem ideal. However, certain apps offer deals at thousands of retailers. At just the touch of a button, these apps show you what deals are offered and what stores may have specials going on in your favor.

1. TUN

TUN is an app designed to help students find the best prices for textbooks. By connecting students with nearby sellers they keep the search local and make it as easy as can be. TUN also offers help finding student jobs. If you do not have access to a smartphone, TUN also has a website with the same features.


2. Party Tutor

The Party Tutor app allows students to keep track of discounts and free deals near campus. From free admission to local pubs and 50% off meals at times, Party Tutor comes in handy when you want more bang for your buck. The Party Tutor Gold feature is only $3.99 a month but it does display the savings racked up while in use.


3. GasBuddy

For those who drive, GasBuddy allows you to plug in your location and find the most affordable gas prices near you. Rather than stopping at the first gas pump you see, GasBuddy will let you know which location will actually save you a bunch!


4. RetailMeNot

Imagine knowing every discount at every store?! Both online and in person! Even if it’s not something that will be used right away, RetailMeNot allows users to save discounts for a later time. Not only do you save money, you make it too with their rewards programs.


5. Fastweb College Scholarships

Scholarships are college student’s best friends and the Fastweb College Scholarships app gives those who seek the access to find. Fastweb is free to download and also easy to use. The app also features the opportunity to find internships and grants as well.


Although we don’t have much to spend, what we do we should spend wisely. Download these apps and start building up those savings.



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