Looking for student housing at the last minute can be a massive headache. Maybe your roommate fell through, you forgot to pay your deposit or the apartment you were holding out for was rented out from under you. Whatever the reason, you need to find a place to live NOW.

Relax. There are many places you can go to find last-minute student housing. Here are a few ideas:

Look Online

Looking online for last-minute housing will probably be your first instinct. In addition to checking the normal places like Craigslist and Apartment Guide, you can also check local Facebook Groups and student forums for vacancies.

Check the School Paper

Your school paper is a good place to check for last-minute housing. Many landlords will place ads in college newspapers in an effort to fill their remaining vacancies. You might even find other students who are searching for a roommate or need to sublet their room. In addition to looking through the school newspaper, you might also consider checking the campus bulletin board for apartment listings, too.

Ask Other Students

Word of mouth is often the best way to find last-minute housing. Not all vacancies will be listed online or in the paper, so asking other students for suggestions might be the best solution. Sometimes they might know of a vacancy in their building or know a friend who also needs a roommate. It can’t hurt to ask around.

Talk to Your School Housing Service

Most universities will have a housing service available to students. In addition to on-campus housing, they will have knowledge and relationships with off-campus local landlords and property owners, too. You can always check in with your school housing service to see if they can offer any help in your apartment search.

Find a Realtor

Of course, you can always find a realtor if you are having trouble finding a place to live. There are tons of realtors out there who work with college students and have a deep knowledge of the local real estate market. In fact, it is their job to find you a place to live, so it definitely isn't a bad idea to go this route. Most realtors operate on commissions paid by landlords, so their services are free to you, but make sure to confirm with them before utilizing their services to ensure you are not responsible for their commission.

It’s Crunch Time

There are many ways to find housing at the last minute, so don’t freak out if your initial plans fell through. Look online, ask other students or check with your school housing service. Somebody somewhere has a vacant room with your name on it. You just have to find it!



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