Students are known to have very high stress levels due to classes, jobs, financial issues, relationships, and more. It’s important to take care of yourself during college so you can focus better, sleep more soundly and feel happier overall. 

The University of British Columbia did a study with college students regarding stress levels and interactions with therapy dogs.

“Our findings suggest that therapy dog sessions have a measurable, positive effect on the wellbeing of university students, particularly on stress reduction and feelings of negativity.”

Petting a dog, even for five minutes, can lower your heartrate and reduce the feeling of anxiety. Most of the time, student housing doesn’t allow pets, which denies some students of these calming effects. Some universities invite therapy dogs to campuses during exam periods, when stress levels are even higher. 

Therapy animals are trained and certified to provide psychological and physiological therapy to individuals – or groups – who aren’t their handler or owner. Unlike service and emotional support animals, therapy animals are encouraged to socialize and interact with other people while on-duty.

We know the importance of mental health and you may have seen a furry visitor in our leasing office a few times! We’ve partnered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs to have a furry visitor twice a month, letting you give all the pets you want. Check out our Instagram for pictures of past visitors (@LiveatCVI)


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