Most people need some form of sound to help them concentrate, be it music, podcasts, television or ambient noise. Chances are if you are a someone who relies on music to get you through studying you either have a subscription to Pandora, Spotify, or your own extensive library of music. This is not a sponsored post for Spotify but we will be exploring their stations in order to discover which are the best to help you study.

There is so much research out there about the corrolation between music and brain function by credible sources like this one in particular from the University of Southern California where a Medical student Matthew Sachs, wrote a paper on the subject – Sachs argues that those who get goosebumps when listening to music have structural differences in the brain, with those individuals possessing “a higher volume of fibers that connects their auditory cortex to the areas associated with emotional processing, Which means the two areas communicate better.” This type of research will eventually help people to understand how to maximize their brain function and become a critical component of healthy study habits.

Here are the top five stations on Spotify to study to:

1. Yellow-Brick Cinema- If you are feeling a little stressed about an upcoming test listen to Yellow-Brick, it is a soothing playlist that will calm your nerves and relax your mind.

2. Good Vibes- Start your study session off right with this upbeat playlist that has the potential to drown out any bad vibes.

3. Acoustic Coffeehouse – Is a playlist created by “NettwerkMusic” it has a lot of soft background music that isn’t overwhelming to help keep you studying at a consistent rhythm.

4. Chill Country- Tune into this 8-hour long playlist that offers easy going country hits by various country artists such as Miranda Lambert, Chris Lane, and Brothers Osborne.

5. Superior Study- Looking for a wide variety of instrumental music?
This playlist offers at least 60 hours worth of music with 856 songs to enjoy some being from motion pictures such as The Hours.



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