Spending money on clothes is the last thing many will think about. For those on top of their style game there are however a couple ways to get some nice pieces at under $30. Consignment stores, thrift stores and sales are a bargain shoppers heaven, here are a few Orlando stores that you will walk out of with a deal:

1. Avalon Exchange

745 N Orange Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

For the savvy shopper, Avalon Exchange is designer sale central. Not only is Avalon Exchange a great place to get some cheap deals, it’s easy to get items purchased at ease. Avalon Exchange offers phone call order placements and first come first serve on arrivals they feature on their Instagram page. The idea they serve customers is the ability to purchase designer pieces for prices ranging from $1-$50.

2. Plato’s Closet

610 N Alafaya Trail #103, Orlando, FL 32828

Do you have a bunch of clothing in your closet? So you feel like you have nowhere to put it? Are you interested in making money out of it? Well, Plato’s Closet is not only a great place to find some great deals on clothing items it is also a good place to get some money out of your old stuff. The way it works is you go to the store with your bags of items and they give you an offer, you take it or leave it but you get something out of it.

3. Goodwill

12170 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32825

Thrift is in! The more hipster the item is, the more you’ll fit in these days. Goodwill is known nationwide as the best place to find vintage items of clothing for the cheapest prices. From levis jeans to vintage jackets and hats, Goodwill seems to be the go to.


Looking good does not have to be a stressful topic, it can be a fun one if you deem it to be. Worse case scenario, you can always show up to class in pajamas and fit right in!


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