Taking the time to make your college dorm room your own can pose a challange, but trying to transform your space on a college student budget can be even more daunting.

Luckily, with apps like Pinterest and Instagram, inspiration is easy to come by, and Pinterest in particular offers plenty of budget conscious solutions for your dorm room makeover.  

Here are some tips to help you stay on budget so you can nail your insta-worthy dorm room transformation.

Add Colorfull Seating

47df1f87d1fc481b6687c00adfe61fa8.jpgPhoto Credit: hgtv.com

Make your friends envious of your space by adding some extra seating that puts the fun in functional. If you can afford it, stores like Walmart or Target usually have these fabric ottomons on sale, but if you are feeling more adventurous, you could take on doing it yourself. Click this link to see how to create one of your own.


Freshen Up Your Desk Accessories

c1f64e696314a5617ff3f687e03333a4.jpgPhoto Credit: BeachBlues

This is an easy area to save money on by upcycling or re-purposing jars or mugs you already own and showcasing them to organize pens, pencils, paper clips or any other desk dwelling tools you may need a home for. This can be done with any storage bins you have by simply adding a quick coat of paint or decorative tape to help change it into your new style for much less money than buying something brand new. 

Air Plants FTW

4287073436_dac63748a8.jpgPhoto Credit: thehipsterho.me

Air plants can help bring color and texture to your space, not to mention they are very easy to maintain. You can find them everywhere from the local grocery store, retailers and online. Also, you could consider building your own terrarium, it can be a fun easy DIY project that you do alone or with your roommates. Buzzfeed featured some awesome ones here on their website.

Add Some Mood Lighting

Fairylights 5.jpgPhoto Credit: domain.com.au

Sometimes you can't control what the overall lighting is in your dorm room, but you can add lights of your own to add another layer of personality to an otherwise cookie cutter living space. There happens to be quite a few budget concious options for lighting like string lights; they come in all types of varieties and are usually under $15. If you want to really cut costs, you could pick up some cheap christmas lights from Amazon and use thumb tacks to create a pattern or words like the example shown above.



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