What are weekends made for? Some will say sleep whilst others can agree on the true meaning being brunch! For most college students going to a nice restaurant every weekend sounds like a long week of ramen noodles and pop tarts. However, there are some amazing places worth visiting that won’t cost you next month’s rent.  The city of Orlando is one of the best food destinations in the country and with many great eateries at hand, here are a couple that you should treat yourself to this weekend:


1. Keke’s Breakfast Café - 4250 Alafaya Trail #100, Oviedo, FL 32765

With locations across Florida, Keke’s Breakfast Café is a local eatery that offers breakfast and comfort food in a diner setting. Serving food from 7AM to 2PM, make sure to check them out and order some of their huge pancakes too!


2. First Watch - 3402 Technological Ave, Orlando, FL 32817

Another great café chain with several locations in Central Florida is First Watch. With a healthier take on breakfast, First Watch is a spectacular place for brunch.


3. Omelet Bar - 12250 Strategy Blvd #407, Orlando, FL 32817

Recently opened, Omelet Bar offers a great selection of dish and custom options. Located right across the street from UCF, there’s sure to be a line over the weekends! Omelet Bar is also one of the few restaurants in the area that offers unlimited mimosas to those of age!


4. Se7en Bites - 617 Primrose Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Serving a southern fair with a modern twist, Se7en Bites is a bakery that also serves breakfast and lunch. Although it is a small stretch from the local restaurants nearby, the extra 15 minutes in the car are great for building up that appetite!


5. Old Cuban Café - 12014 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32836

For those who want some traditional Hispanic food, Old Cuban Café serves classic Cuban meals from 8AM - 9PM every day of the week. From Cuban Toast to scrambled eggs, they do a great job at serving a taste of culture!


There you have it! Most of these restaurants will cost you under $15 for a generous amount of food large enough to cover two meals of your day. Which one will you be checking out this weekend?


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