Brave enough to go out into the Black Friday madness? If you want the best deals of the year, you’ll have to make your way to the many stores that participate in Black Friday, along with the other thousands of people looking for a bargain. Here are a few of the best deals on electronics, clothing, and more!

Best Buy

Opens: Thanksgiving Day at 5PM

Best Buy is your go to store if you’re looking to purchase any electronics on Black Friday. The mega-electronics retailer is putting many of its TV’s, phones, gaming materials, and computers on sale. Some of the top deals are a Toshiba 43” Smart TV with Ultra 4K allowing for clear picture and Netflix and Hulu streaming for $130; Samsung 11.6” Chromebook for $99, making it a great laptop to get before finals; $300 off a new Samsung Galaxy Note9, S9, or S9+.

Best Buy Black Friday Catalog:


Opens: Thanksgiving Day at 5PM

Everyone’s favorite retailer is getting even better. A one stop shop for all your clothing, electronics, and goods needs, Target is having unbeatable sales on a large amount of its merchandise. With over 100s of doorbusters, there will be a deal for everyone. A few deals you can find are an Element 55” Smart TV with Ultra 4K for $200 allowing you to bring the big screen to your home; your new personal assistant, a Google Home Mini, for only $25; jeans to prepare for the winter months ahead for $15.

Target Black Friday Catalog:


Opens: Thanksgiving Day at 6PM

The biggest retailer is going to have even bigger deals this Black Friday. Some of the best deals of the day can be found at Walmart. Some notable deals you might want to check out are a $99 iPhone 6, so you can call your friends to tell them about the amazing deals you’re finding; $99 Hoverboards (yes, these apparently are still a thing); $55 Fujifilm Polaroid cameras so you can take some trendy pics for your Instagram.

Walmart Black Friday Catalog:


Opens: Thanksgiving Day at 5PM

Kohl’s is offering great deals in all of its stores and is offering $15 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent, and who doesn’t like free money? This and more makes Kohl’s a must stop at on your journey through the Black Friday madness. Deals include an Xbox One for $200, a very easy way to make you procrastinate even longer on assignments; fitbit alta for $79 so you are able to keep track of your health and walking for your New Year’s resolution; a $4 fuzzy blankets to keep yourself cozy over holiday break.

Kohl’s Black Friday Catalog:


Opens: 24/7

The online marketplace has been holding a week long Black Friday event. The ultimate website to find anything and everything is offering many deals that you’ll for sure want to add to your cart and purchase immediately. Grab a 2-in-1 bargain with a new Echo Dot and Tile Mate Key Finder for only $50 so you’ll never stress to find your keys ever again; the Amazon Fire 10 Tablet allows for a great quality tablet at a good price $100; cut the cord and listen to your favorite jams with the Mpow Bluetooth heads for only $17.

Amazon Black Friday:


Opens: Thanksgiving Day at 5PM

There’s a Macy’s around every corner in Orlando, making it an easy place to get some shopping done. Macy’s is also doing something very different than other stores, offering “free after rebate” deals giving you free items after you mail in the rebate. Some of the free items include wine glasses, bath rugs, and a slowcooker. Other deals include major discounts on home materials and clothing.

Macy’s Black Friday Catalog: 

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