YOUR VOTE COUNTS! It’s true. Every four years there is the preeminent presidential election. However, “midterm elections” deserve comparable attention.  Midterm elections are held every two years for the House of Representatives, the Senate, the governor as well as local office positions. Here are a few tips to ensure you are prepared:


1. Make Sure You Are Registered

Voter registration is required to vote. Most states allow for registration online, in person, or through a paper form. Registration has closed for this midterm election but register NOW so you don’t miss out on the next election.

2. Do Your Research

Make your own decisions. Understand what the candidates want to accomplish if elected. Research the candidates, gain insight on their responses to important matters, and make an educated decision on who you think will represent you and your values the best.

3. Know Where To Go And When To Go

If you decide to vote on the actual Election Day for midterms which is Tuesday, November 6, 2018, make sure to confirm your polling place location and hours. Early voting is currently underway so you have the option to go at a convenient time. (Not having time shouldn’t be an excuse! Please make time for this important event.)

4. Make sure you have the right identification

Bring a valid photo ID. That means bring your Florida Driver’s License. Although Florida law does allow you to vote a Provisional Ballot if you do not have proper identification with you, do not take the risk. Bring your Florida Driver’s License.

5. Cast Your Ballot

Vote! Vote for who represents you and what you care about and wait for the results to come in. Regardless of the outcome, you did your duty and voted!

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