You’ve done the work, you’ve done the research, and now you’ve found the place you want to apply at, but it’s not all done there. One of the most important things to focus on when applying for a job or internship is getting your resume approved. There are certain things to look out for in order to nail it and get that call back.


 1. Market Yourself

Your resume is basically a description of yourself in words. What are your capabilities, your strengths and your experiences? Companies are looking to buy a new pair of shoes and hoping to find a pair that radiate potential. You must sell yourself as the person you hope to be. Companies are looking for what you can bring to their business.

2. Change It Up

For every position you apply to, edit your resume. A majority of the time you will be sending in the same PDF to interviewers for their approval. However, not all jobs require the same skills. When applying for different jobs make sure you are updating your resume with relevant information. It will show companies that you are interested enough to share with them the knowledge on the position they are looking for.

3. Keep It Clean

As much as we would like to keep things eye-catching, sometimes there is a need for cleanliness. Companies quickly scan your resume and move on to the next applicant. This will also depend on the job you are applying for. If you are a graphic design major your resume would be more creative than a business student. A simple yet noticeable design will make their job and time easier.

4. Experience Over Education

Experiences can overpower a degree in certain fields. However, companies want to know how your previous experience prepared you for the position you are applying for. Your resume can include experience that wasn’t necessarily from a formal job. You can list volunteer work, internship positions, and leadership roles in clubs or organizations. Follow up your experience with your education and give them an idea of how much longer you have until you graduate.


Once you have looked over your resume and had someone proofread it as well, you’re ready to save it as a PDF for your applications! Always make sure to keep a word document for your own safekeeping and for edits in the future.




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