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1. Notability

This app is such a refreshing way to stay active in a stale lecture. I am huge on being eco-friendly and doing as much as I can as an individual to protect my planet. Notability gave me the same fix on my OCD that I get off of a notebook with lots of different highlighter colors, different colored post-it notes, font differences all from the face of my iPhone or iPad. 


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As a millenial I find myself having a hard time with creativity. I always want to be on top of the trending society because there is so much to learn from social media and these amazing platforms! Pinterest is the one way that I can really dig deep into my imagination and research things I love for hours. I really appreciate platforms that expose a positive healthy lifestyle in all aspects of life and Pinterest is one of those platforms. It's a never ending feed of creative, vibrant and refreshing things, people and even experiences.


blog 3.png3. Venmo

As a personal Venmo user for the past 3 years in college, I can say from my experience that it is absolutely fantastic! Efficient, to the point and reliable. Nobody plays with my money and venmo makes it so easy to manage and not only cover myself but my friends when they need a helping hand.


blog 4.png4. OneNote

OneNote is the equivalent to Notability and even a little more. I used both in my college experience. I preferred notability when I had my iPad because the interface worked great on a tablet but when OneNote was brought to my attention I was finally able to take my organization to my laptop. Once i discovered the app I downloaded it to my computer and immediately had an instant notebook available to me with ALL of my notes at all times. It completely simplified my life and kept me from losing any information I had learned. Rather than just a notebook I like to think of OneNote as the binder to my life. The binder that brings all my notebooks to one place! 


blog 5.png5. Yummly

Unfortunately moving to college really put preparation of my food in a new perspective. I quickly when from fresh home cooked meals to dino nuggets and easy mac. Yummly really educated me on quick and easy recipes to get me through school and have enough time to write a ton of papers and get to class on time.


blog 6.jpg6. Quizlet

When you’re in college it’s a real challenge to get through the papers and the exams without a support system. I was fortunate enough to attend a university where I was forced to mingle with people from other majors on a daily basis. I became close to a lot of students. It was awesome, we become so focused on everyone succeeding that we would create ways to study together even when we couldn’t all be at the same place for study sessions! Quizlet was one of the best apps we ever used. My classmates and I were able to create study guides/flashcards/mini exams based on the information our professor gave us. It was definitely the most efficient studying tool I had while I was in college.


blog 7.jpg7. Buzzfeed

The amount of social media we are exposed to on a daily basis can be extremely overwhelming. Buzzfeed is a great outlet for me to wrap up all of the information I’m looking for without having to invest multiple hours on my phone. as a millennial I try to lay off my phone as much as I can, Buzzfeed makes it possible for me to find articles, occupy my brain with some quizzes, and stay up the date as a college student. 


blog 8.png8. Tasty

Even though I really enjoy Yummly (which is one of the apps listed above) once Buzzfeed exploded on the internet Tasty definitely took over the favorable cooking app. Something as simple as making homemade mac and cheese in a mug so you can take it on the go! Tasty completely eliminated the need to buy pre-made meals while I was in college. 



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