We’ve all experienced the summer slump before. The sun is out, temperatures are higher than usual and everybody is at the beach. The temptation to lie around and do nothing is at an all-time high.

It doesn’t have to be like this, though. There are plenty of ways to stay productive over summer. Here are a few ideas:

1. Take Summer Classes

While you may not need to take summer courses if you already filled that requirement, scheduling one or two classes can be a good way to fill up some of your free time and still make progress towards your degree. If you have been diligent during fall and spring semesters, taking an extra course over the summer may even help you graduate early.

2. Apply for an Internship

Summer internships are a great way for upperclassmen to gain real world experience and build their résumés. If you have already selected a major and are working towards finishing your degree, taking on a part-time internship is a great way to fill the extra time. Check your local job listings and even ask your guidance counselor for opportunities.

3. Volunteer

If you are still in freshman or sophomore year, doing volunteer work in your free time can help you build experience and give you some things to flesh out your resume with. Your advisor should be able to recommend some good opportunities to you. You can also check out Facebook Groups for your school or your school’s involvement page or website.

4. Catch up on Some Reading

We all have a stack of books sitting around that we keep promising ourselves we will read one day. Summer is the best time to catch up on some reading and make good on that promise. Plus, what’s more fun than lying on the beach with a great book in hand?

5. Get Exercise

Let’s face it, we all wish we were in better shape. Summertime is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and exercise the muscles that never get used during the school year. This can mean going on afternoon bike rides, doing laps in the nearest pool or morning yoga sessions. If it’s just too hot outside to even think of exercise, consider this: indoor gyms are air conditioned. Working out can actually be a good way to escape the heat.

Even if you aren't taking any summer classes, you can still enjoy free access to the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center throughout summer!

6. Travel

Traveling is a great way to get outside of your normal routine and broaden your horizons. Whether this means taking a cross-country road trip or backpacking through Europe, getting outside of your comfort zone can go a long way in keeping your inspired and motivated toward your goals.

7. Get a Job

When you finally finish college and start applying for jobs and internships, you’ll need as many references as you can possibly get. Taking on part-time work during the summer months is a good way to build experience, gain references and flesh out your resume. Even if you are just working as a cashier or helping out in your school library, any kind of work experience is going to come in handy later in life.

Stay Motivated

Summer is no excuse to be lazy. There are plenty of ways to stay productive and motivated throughout these long, hot days. Hopefully you found these tips helpful. Let us know if you have any other ideas!



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