College is the time to explore your strengths and interests and decide what kind of career you want. Whatever major you decide to pursue, don’t pick a course of study just because the classes are easy or fun. Think about your future goals and where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years.

We looked at a survey by to find out which college majors were the most in-demand and cross-referenced it with available course offerings from the University of Central Florida. Here are 7 UCF college majors that offer the widest array of career opportunities:

1. Computer Science

“Computer scientists study phenomena connected with computers and computation including: software (algorithms, data structures), hardware (design of computers), and many diverse applications of computational thinking and techniques.”

Learn more about UCF’s computer science program here.

2. Engineering

“Our mission is to provide high-quality, broad-based education and experience-based learning in engineering and computer science; to create knowledge through pioneering scholarship and impactful research; to enrich our students’ development and leadership skills; and to address pressing local, state, national and international issues in support of the global community.”

Learn more about UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science here.

3. Math and Statistics

“The skills that are developed in mathematical training have broad application in the workplace. Graduates with degrees in mathematics are well prepared for a variety of careers and are in high demand from employers who require analytical skill, data organization, and problem solving...This means that graduates in mathematics are able to pursue job careers with high salaries and high job-satisfaction.”

Learn more about UCF mathematics here.

4. Clinical Sciences

“The UCF College of Medicine is a research-based medical school with a culture based on partnerships and collaboration. The college’s medical and biomedical programs capitalize on UCF’s existing strengths in biological sciences, modeling and simulation, engineering, optics and photonics, psychology, chemistry, film and digital media, business and nursing.”

Learn more about UCF’s College of Medicine here.

5. Communication and Journalism

“NSC scholars are world-renowned for their research. Their subject-matter expertise covers an extraordinary range including: health communication, crisis and risk communication, consumer behavior, persuasion, corporate social responsibility, media history, transnational communication, and digital media among others..”

Learn more about the Nicholson School of Communication here.

6. Arts and Humanities

“The College of Arts and Humanities provides a dynamic incubator for artistic explorations of every kind, from literature to philosophy, fine arts to digital media and theater to music. You’ll explore your boundaries in state-of-the-art facilities, develop your talents under the guidance of faculty who practice what they teach, and learn real-world lessons through cooperative community partnerships.“

Learn more about UCF’s College of Arts and Humanities here.

7. Education

“Today, the College of Education and Human Performance makes visible to all a commitment to prepare professionals who demonstrate understanding of and skills required for impacting human performance and affecting measurable, positive change in the performance of others.”

Learn more about UCF’s College of Education here.

Your Skills are In Demand

As you can see, employers value all kinds of skills. So, whether you have a scientific mind, strong mathematical skills or enjoy being creative, job prospects are strong.



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