Entering into college is exciting and thrilling-- it is a step closer to your dream and a bright future. Living in the comfort of your home is very easy and convenient, but when you have to move out, finding the right place to stay is one of the most significant decisions you make in your college life.

Here are some important things to consider when looking for an affordable apartment near ucf.

1. Accessibility

Accessibility is the key in choosing the right place. Find a place near cafeterias, coffee shops and grocery stores, so it is easier for you to buy the things that you need like snacks and toiletries. If you are a fitness enthusiast, having a gym near your area is one of the things that you need to consider. Also, if you have a car, make sure that your dorm has a parking lot.

2. Room Preference

Dorms or student apartments  have different preferences and rules, so make sure to choose the right room for you. Some dorms offer single, double and triple rooms where you can have a roommate with common spaces for eating, studying and sleeping. If you want to have your own room you will also need to consider the size of the room for the furniture that you want to bring like a bed, drawers, desk and chairs. You can also make your room more cozy and comfortable by decorating it.

3. Bathrooms

The bathroom is essential to everyone because we need to access the bathroom several times a day. Always check the bathroom features and make sure it has a good water supply and it will suit your style. There are student apartments that have shared/common bathrooms so find out who and how many students you will have to share it with.

4. Roommates

There are different types of dorm. Some dorms offer single or sharing occupancy. You will meet many people when you are staying in a dorm. Considering having a roommate is a good thing to gain friends. Living together with your friend is fun idea also. You can enjoy your college life while having good company that helps you to relieve stress.

5. Laundry and Other Services

Living alone is not easy, especially when it comes to having to do your own laundry. Having a laundry area in your dorm is very convenient and easy, but you need to consider how many students will use the laundry and if the machine is free for using or not. If you have a car having a car wash and auto repair shop nearby is a great idea for your automobile maintenance.


Choosing the right place for you to stay while in college is very challenging. Take time to choose the right place and do some research. Visit the place personally and prepare a floor plan for your furniture. We have different styles and preference so make sure you choose the right place that really works well for you to avoid stress and hassle. Consider your dorm as your second home, make it look and feel like your home so you can relax and study at the same time.

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