It is natural for university students to become busy with classes, sports, extracurricular activities, homework, assignments and a social life. Your student apartments can get pretty gross without your parents helping clean the space.

Here are five spring cleaning tips for your loft apartment near ucf.

1. Have the proper cleaning equipment and supplies.

Restock some basic cleaning supplies (e.g. detergent, dishwashing liquid, etc.) and keep them on hand. Have the proper cleaning equipment like mini vacuum, broom, dust pan, and a mop. You can also make your own inexpensive natural cleaning products by using lemon, baking soda, etc. There are many tutorials on the internet on how to make natural cleaners like all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and mold and mildew remover.

2. Declutter your space.

Start with your nightstands and remove anything on them that doesn’t belong there like books you’ve already finished reading, pens, paper, and mail. Then take some time to take everything out on your desk, drawers, and closet. Clear out your fridge, kitchen cabinet and pantry too. Put any dirty laundry in the hamper, some student apartments in Orlando have onsite-laundry facilities where you can bring your laundry to avoid piling up.

3. Sort things and purge.

Start sorting your things and some purging should also be included in your spring cleaning. Be honest and learn to let things go. Sort your things into three piles: keep, sell/donate and trash. Donating is an easy and great idea year round too. You'll definitely find items you haven't used or worn in months, as you start cleaning up. Go through and throw away old makeup, clothes and rotten/expired food. Selling your unused clothes and old text book can help you pay off your ucf apartment fees too.

4. Start cleaning.

Take some time after purging to thoroughly clean your space. Start by vacuuming the floor and dust off your desk, shelves, closet and cabinet. This is also the perfect opportunity to scrub down walls, door frames, surfaces under furniture and windows. Disinfect all handles, lightings, remote controls, etc. Give your bathroom a deep clean too. There are nice and cheap apartments near ucf that have on-demand housekeeping services to help you with the task.

 5. Organize everything.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to deal with your clothing situation by removing and replacing all items that are out of season. Invest in some nice boxes to store various items under your bed like shoes, beddings, winter clothes or any bulky things. The easiest way to clean up a room is to make sure it has a place for everything and keep them accessible. Once you’re done you can take the opportunity to revamp and spice up your room by adding plants or flowers, wall decor and scented candles.

Set aside some time for spring cleaning and be mentally prepared. A clean space will have a positive and tremendous impact on your learning and enhance your focusing ability. Cleaning and organizing your space can also relieve stress, making you happier and healthier.

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