Whether you are living at home or renting in one of the student apartments near ucf, simple actions such as reduce, reuse and recycling can have an enormous impact on environmental protection.  It is getting increasingly important to be environmentally friendly. However, most college students tend to forget to do their part or get too busy with studying and socializing to see the importance of sustainable living.

These easy green living tips are perfect for every busy student. Follow these tips and you too can make a difference in our environment.

1. Recycle/Upcycle

Recycle when you can whether paper products, plastics, or even upcycle old items. There are many video tutorials on the internet on how to recycle or upcycle your old stuff like – using cereal box as an organizer, tin can as a pen holder and more. Many college campuses have facilities for recycling, so be sure to find out where they are. Otherwise, you may be able to use other local recycling facilities near by.

2. Conserve Paper

Think about how much paper you're using during the school semester with taking your class notes, assignments and tests. Try and use technology whenever possible; bring your laptop, tablet and even your phone to your classes. One of the easiest ways to conserve paper is taking your notes digitally. You can also save paper by simply using double-sided printing. Use scrap paper for notes and memos instead of fresh paper. In addition, get and pay your bills online. Most student apartments even have a resident portal on their website to easily make payments.

3. Use Reusable Products

For dishware, cutlery, shopping bags, mugs and water bottles, select reusable over disposable. Show earth some love by carrying your own reusable tumbler or water bottle each time you go out, instead of buying bottled water or beverages. The last thing most busy college students like to think about is washing dishes, but it can be one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do. Luckily, if you are not a fan of cooking, cleaning and washing dishes, there are all inclusive apartments near ucf that offers a variety of meal options in their cafeteria. They even do the dishes for you too!

4. Walk, Bike or Use Public Transportation

Besides helping you to live a healthier lifestyle, attempting to reduce driving can also help the environment and save you a lot of money on gas. Many students believe they need a car at college, but there are great alternatives such as buses, carpools, bicycles, or you can look for apartments near ucf with a shuttle.

5. Save Energy and Water

Use natural light to save energy and boost your productivity throughout the day.  Do your part to preserve with shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, and use less water when washing dishes. You can save time, energy and water by doing your laundry once a week or just doing one full load.  Even when not in use, your chargers and small appliances absorb standby power. To reduce waste of electricity, keep these items in a power strip and switch to "off" when you leave your room.

Help promote these green living tips with your classmates, schoolmates, friends and family. There are numerous benefits in living a sustainable lifestyle. Not just for our planet and environment, but also for our health, happiness and future. College is a great time to begin implementing these green living habits and get passionate about it.

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