Creating an inviting and comfortable living space in student apartments near ucf is important and makes the transition to college life easier. It allows you to relax and recharge more easily while you are living away from home.

You can make your student apartment more personal and feel more like home by adding these few things.

1. Wall Decor

Not all student apartments allow you to paint, but you can create beautiful backdrops with removable wallpaper or by putting up some pictures, posters or even string lights. To create the illusion of extra light and space, you can hang a mirror on the wall. Putting a decorative tapestry above your bed can make a difference too. Using command strips or hooks to hang things, can help keep you from damaging your walls.

2. Bedding and Cushions

Changing your bedding is the easiest way to redecorate your inexpensive apartment near ucf. Invest in a new set of sheets, duvet, pillows and even a new quilt to give your room a personal touch. Add a pop of color to your bed by adding throw pillows or cushions. When decorating your bedroom, remember that this room's ultimate goal is to provide a relaxing environment and a good night sleep.

3. Additional Storage / Bookshelves

Make the most of your unused space with corner shelves, an under the bed storage unit and pocket organizers. Use these shelvings for anything that you need to store. If your bookshelf has a plain back panel, you can personalize it by adding pictures behind your books or by adding decorative lights.

4. Decorative Area Rug

Incorporating an area rug in your new loft apartment near ucf is a perfect idea to change the look and feel of your space. Area rugs come in variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.  Make sure that your rug is comfortable and easy to maintain.

5. Plants or Greenery

Indoor plants are a great accessory to furnished student apartments. Adding a few plants to your room can create a relaxed and happy atmosphere while helping you to improve your focus and creativity.  

When you decorate your loft apartment near ucf, do not forget to keep it functional. If you want to make any changes to your apartment, get your landlord or property manager’s written permission. Also, if you have a roommate, ask them for input before the common areas are decorated.

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