Let’s face it, there is no such thing as the perfect roommate. At one point or another, we all wind up living with someone we don’t communicate well with. Thankfully, there are tons of apps out there to make life with your roommate easier. Here are just a few we think you should try out:

1. Venmo

Venmo is a must-have app for anybody with a roommate. Sometimes you will want to split dinner or order takeout but nobody has cash on them. Venmo is a great way to trade money back and forth without all the hassle of going to the bank or writing checks. One person can charge dinner or his or her debit card while the other person transfers them money through this convenient app. It also works great for splitting rent or utilities!

2. HomeSlice

This app is great for dividing up chore and bills among roommates. Say someone used up the last of the toilet paper or they “forgot” to do their dishes. HomeSlice allows you to assign these chores to your roommate without having a face-to-face confrontation. Roommates can also assign bills to one another so if your schedules don’t intersect, you can simply remind each other via the HomeSlice app that the electric bill is due.

3. Anylist

This is basically a shopping list that can have multiple collaborators. It lets you and your roommates create and share lists with each other so you can see what the house needs and pick a few things up whenever you go to the store. Any time an item is added to the list, you can send a push notification to let everyone know when groceries have been added. You can also group items by category to simplify things when shopping.

4. Relax Sounds

We all have that one roommate who likes to turn the T.V. up a little too loud. Or, say one of you decides to have a few friends over. A few friends turns into a few drinks and suddenly your living room sounds like the local bar on a Friday night.

Relax Sounds offers a way to block out the extra noise in your life. You can listen to the highest quality white noise and various ambient sounds that are designed to block distractions, enhance sleep and relieve stress. It’s completely free, so you can avoid being that uptight roommate who kicks everyone out after midnight.

It Isn’t Always Easy

Living with roommates has its ups and downs. Fortunately, when times get tough, there’s an app for that. Try out any of these apps to make life with your roommate easier so you can focus on the important things, not whose turn it is to do the dishes.



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