You've moved up in the world and you're trying to be a real adult with your first apartment in college. You may move to an apartment provided by your college or university, or you’ve persuaded your parents to sign a lease for you in one of the nice apartments near ucf, which is a little cheaper than the property owned by the college.

Moving into your student apartment doesn’t have to be hard and stressful. Before you move into cheap student housing, make sure that you are well prepared and organized. Create a realistic list of essentials that you will need to make the move much easier.

Here's a basic list of what you need to bring to your student apartment, whether it’s a single bedroom, shared apartment or loft apartment near ucf in Florida.

1. Bedding: Many student apartments in Orlando are furnished and they provide beds for their residents. All you need to do is bring your own comforter, bedspread, blanket, sheet sets and pillows. You can also bring some bedding like: a bed bug protection mattress cover or a foam topper or mattress pad in case your mattress is not very comfortable on its own. Make sure to know the exact bed size before buying or bringing these things.

2. Clothes and Footwear: T-shirts, jeans, skirts, shorts, sweaters, sweatshirts, workout clothes, button-up shirts and semi-formal dresses or pants – these are some of the most popular types of clothes to bring to college. Don't forget to pack items like: belts, socks, underwear, pajamas, swimsuit, a light jacket and any other outerwear suitable for the climate in which you’ll be living in. Also, bring a pair of shoes that will be comfortable to use every day.  It is also advisable to bring a nice pair of shoes for formal occasions, sneakers, flip flops and cozy slippers for your room.

3. Clothing Storage and Hangers: Furnished student apartments may already have a closet, drawers and some hangers, but many students find that they need more than what is provided. If you don't have a wardrobe in your student apartment or you need a bigger wardrobe, you can always hang the rest of your clothes on clothing rack. If there is a premium space available like the ones at collegiate village apartments, look for a wardrobe with both drawers and a hanging rod. Bring one style of hanger so your closet looks nice and in order. You can also bring a shoe rack, drawer dividers, bins and baskets to keep your closet more organized.

4. Bathroom Essentials and Toiletries: Bring two sets of bath towels, a bathrobe, wash clothes and bath rugs.  Buy your bath and skin care products like: tissue paper, soap, body wash, loofah, face wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, hair gel/hairspray, shaving cream, sunscreen and other everyday necessities. If you have a roommate or shared bathroom, put all your bathroom essentials in a shower caddy, it is much easier for you to transport your toiletries into bathroom.

5. Medicine: If you have prescription medicines, take enough to last until the next time you go home or make sure you can refill them from a nearby pharmacy or drugstore.

6. Computer and Printer: Most universities have computer labs, but it’s more convenient to have your own laptop or computer and a printer. You can use it in doing your homework, assignment and projects in the comfort of your own room.  

7. Tool Kit: When anything breaks in your apartment, a tool kit will be your saving grace. Whether you have a leaky faucet, a broken leg of a chair or just some frames or posters that need to be hung, a tool kit will make the job much easier. You want to be prepared for essentially anything that goes wrong in your apartment so you don't always have to rely on your landlord.

8. Important Documents: Pack important documents or identification cards, such as a driver's license, registration forms and financial assistance forms. Bring a copy of your birth certificate as proof of age if you plan to get a job.

9. Food and Snacks:  Even if you will be eating most of your meals in your student apartment cafeteria, it’s nice to have these on hand. Sometimes you need a boost while doing your homework or assignment. Bring some snack in your student apartment so you don’t need to go out while studying to buy some food. Store some ready-to-eat food in your refrigerator or pantry like: trail mix, cereals, fresh milk and bread.

10. Other Necessities: You will also need a can opener and bottle opener and other necessities. If you have a dishwasher, you will need dish detergent,  and a dish drying rack will be key if you’ll be cleaning your dishes by hand. You will also need some cleaning stuff like: a mop, vacuum, plunger, trash can, plastic bags, gloves and etc. Some student apartments offer on-demand cleaning for their residents so you don’t need to worry about cleaning supplies.

These are the essentials you need to bring to your student apartment, but make sure to contact your off-campus student housing office and ask about the rules and regulations before bringing any items in your room.

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