As college students, many find themselves falling into poor diet choices just to keep their wallets happy. Many college students would rather starve than actually invest in paying for food or going grocery shopping! It’s a given that working a part time job while attending classes and hoping for a social life is a lot to carry and sometimes getting around to even cook for yourself seems like a hassle.

The idea of eating out on a regular basis sounds expensive, because it is. According to Forbes Magazine, these days most of the millennial population are spending a whopping 44% of their food budget on eating out. When put into perspective we spend about $10-$15 per meal including a drink. Those days of spending $40 on food can quickly turn into $240 a week, needless to say we can learn to make smarter choices!

There are times where you find yourself wondering wait, where did all my money go? Some apps are great to help keep track of the money spent on food such as Mint and Penny. Through these applications users are able to see the percentage and number of their weekly allowance spent on groceries and at their local Taco Bell!

Chances are if you’re not living on campus you probably don’t have a meal plan with the University unless of course you’re living at CVI where we include 3 meals a day in the cost of rent. We have been a pioneer in our industry and are the only off campus student housing in our area that offers a meal plan. For us it is not about making money, we offer a meal plan to students because we want to offer the best possible experience for them so that they can focus on school and not worry about if they’re going to have enough money to eat more than just Ramen noodles until the next payday.



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